“Small shifts in your thinking, and energy system creates massive changes in your life experience”

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“Our bodies and the universe communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them”

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‘’Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

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Personal Life Coaching:

Your bespoke development sessions with me will help you overcome the obstacles that stand in the way or your health, happiness and success.

I can bring the power of NLP and HYPNOTHERAPY to work for you.

With professional guidance you can start to succeed in your life and have a wonderful experience each and every day.
You just need to learn the right things to do then resolve to do them. The learning is fun and simple for everyone, yet the rewards are profound and extremely beneficial. Achieve an extraordinary rewarding life.

  • Make peace of mind, love, joy, and creativity inevitable.
  • Learn a new revitalizing, life changing way of thinking
  • Develop a positive attitude towards your life and others
  • Become visionary, Increase creativity and develop extraordinary imagination power
  • Find your soul mate or life partner and create authentic relationships
  • Become strong and independent. Rely on yourself, and stop blaming others.
  • Make powerful life decisions with guidance and on-going support
  • Reinvent yourself and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.
  • You have the ability to Have, Be and Do so much more in your life.
  • You decide what you really need in your life and I’ll show you how to achieve it.
  • All sessions include consultation, discussion, guidance, teaching and review with ongoing support.
  • Face to face sessions are always best, but don’t worry if you can’t get to me, technology allows you to enjoy and benefit from this development from wherever you are in the country.

So just ask yourself; what do you really, really want ?

Corporate Coaching for Employers and Staff:

Enable your staff, team or group to work well together achieving personal, team and company goals in unison.
Reduce sickness and downtime dramatically.

Increase productivity and creativity.

Promote confidence in your people and encourage a stress free working environment.
The better employer you become, the better employees your people become, so invest in yourself too.

I provide premium quality training and personal development services to businesses, organisations and various governmental departments.

Absenteeism,  low morale,  alcoholism,  theft,  hypertension,  illnesses,  workplace tension,  "nuisance"  lawsuits,  even spill over from domestic violence.

All these are costing your company, creating financial losses that even the best accountants can,t measure. They affect your workplace and are by products of employee stress. Now, you can neutralize all that through my

Corporate Services Programme.

Job related stress is no longer viewed as a private matter for the employee to deal with on his or her own. We also know that employees bring personal and family stress to the job with them, which cuts down on their productivity as well as increasing on the job accidents and mishaps which can land your company in court paying massive settlements.

Job stress is not only disruptive for your employee and his or her co-workers; it negatively impacts your organisation through lowered performance, disorganisation, behavioural changes and loss of job satisfaction, resulting in divisiveness and disruptive behaviour. .

My STRESS MANAGEMENT seminars and presentations will help you and your staff understand the causes, effects and dangers of work related stress - so all of you can work together happily, healthily and at top production with maximum efficiency.

When the realities of work stress are understood and grasped, you and your employees will happily find yourselves moving towards a more harmonious and hassle free work environment.

When management and staff work together, miracles happen. You can make this happen with the ingenious and mutually beneficial keys I offer you.
Now you can keep your workforce healthy, happy and at work.

Fast, fun and effective training that get results - Fast

I have an armoury of unique one to one and team training techniques and strategies that are appropriate to the maturity and education levels of your staff; and I have the experience to use them to greatest effect
with your work force, spelling greater profits and a more pleasant work environment for all.

It's hard to get people to change, so if you want to invest wisely in yourself and your staff, I can help you. Using my turbo boosted hypnotherapy techniques, we can help your workforce to quit habits and remove phobias and limiting beliefs which may have been holding them back in theirwork and keeping all of you back from making the kind of money that is just waiting to be brought in.

I will design a custom built programme based on your company's specific goals, needs, challenges and requirements.
I really look forward to meeting you.

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