“Small shifts in your thinking, and energy system creates massive changes in your life experience”

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“Our bodies and the universe communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them”

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‘’Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

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Hypnosis and Bespoke Life Coaching creates rapid change, and offers you an excellent opportunity to respond positively to stressfull situations and delete anxiety permanently!

My stress management therapy includes relaxation techniques, time and life management, and many other effective ways to deal with stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Stress is a very common experience. All of us every day experience stress, but when stress becomes too great, it begins to take a toll mentally, physically and emotionally.

When you are 'On Purpose' in Life and Business you get out of Victim and become Victor. Stress becomes a thing of the past, you embrace new challenges with confidence and total control.

"I mentor and support you through all this learning"


The Hypnosis will rapidly put you in control: I,ll instal anchors to enable you to become "Calm and Relaxed" on the spot wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. These anchors create for you new habit patterns of thought, which automatically creates new positive habit patterns of behaviour.

It's new mental software for you to run so you can take control in the moment.... When a situation arises that in the past causes you to respond negatively, you'll fire off the anchor and take control on the spot, and feel terrific.

The Bespoke Life Coaching will give you the strategies to maintain the control: You,ll learn to decrease stress at its source. Together we'll identify the cause of your stress, then I'll eliminate your stress responce. I show you how to create new boundaries in your life, so if there are too many demands on your time you'll be able to set priorities and be far more assertive.

Life and Time management: Managing your time effectively can significantly decrease stress. Avoid the trap of over scheduling by prioritising tasks and putting free time into your schedule. Managing your Life, literally puts you 'on purpose'. Together we'll discover your values, beliefs and goals. Then I'll show you how to achieve move towards them.

Decrease procrastination: Procrastination can add to your stress - When things are put off, you are always working under pressure, which is stressful.

Sleep: Hypnosis techniques will ensure you are getting enough sleep. Even a few hours of missed sleep affects your memory and concentration significantly.

The very best way to promote and maintain good mental, emotional and physical health is to always take care of yourself and maintain yourself naturaly in a holistic and complementary way.

  • I'm a member of the Institute or Holistic Therapies. I'm Qualified to offer you the following excellent treatments:
  • Reiki
  • Shiatsu
  • Acupressure
  • Massage
  • Hypnosis
  • NLP
  • Non Hypnotic Councelling

Stress management is all about taking control and creating balance.

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